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DALI-2: the global standard for smart digital lighting control in the IoT era 

All the strengths of DALI are extended and enhanced with the introduction of DALI-2. Focusing on interoperability and backed by a comprehensive certification program, DALI-2 greatly improves multi-vendor compatibility and provides an extensive control standard for lighting systems.

What sets DALI-2 apart from its predecessor?


DALI-2 includes more features and clearer specifications.

More comprehensive

DALI-2 has much more detailed and comprehensive testing requirements.


DALI-2 is designed for backwards-compatibility with older DALI systems.

More extensive

DALI-2 includes input devices (e.g. sensors), application controllers, and bus power supplies for the first time. DALI-2 now extends to all devices in a lighting-control system.

Improved interoperability

DALI-2 focuses on multivendor interoperability, backed by certification.

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