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Establishing the most reliable level of interoperability among DALI devices is the key to a successful business for the manufacturers of DALI components in the future. That's why we offer the conducting of the normative test procedures according to DALI standards.


We carry testing procedures for Edition1 and Edition2 with the official test system ProbitLab. 


(Browse below for a list of available test sequences and pricing).


  • IEC62386-102 ed1

  • IEC62386-201 ed1

  • IEC62386-202 ed1

  • IEC62386-203 ed1

  • IEC62386-204 ed1

  • IEC62386-205 ed1

  • IEC62386-206 ed1

  • IEC62386-207 ed1

  • IEC62386-208 ed1


  • IEC62386-101 ed2

  • IEC62386-102 ed2

  • IEC62386-103 ed2

  • IEC62386-207 ed2

  • IEC62386-208 ed2

  • IEC62386-209 ed2

  • IEC62386-250 ed2

  • IEC62386-251 ed2

  • IEC62386-252 ed2

  • IEC62386-253 ed2

  • IEC62386-301 ed2

  • IEC62386-302 ed2

  • IEC62386-303 ed2

  • IEC62386-304 ed2

  • IEC62386-351 ed2


  • DALI testing: $500 USD each time

  • Guidance for test findings: $400 USD each time

For customers who are looking to be DALI-certified, we also offer consulting sessions based on the results of test findings. Test findings will be presented in the form of .XML files, which will include a testing report with error analyses, normative references and other recommendations.

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