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Booth: 1D-B16

Hong Kong, China

OCT 27-30, 2019

Booth: J21

London, UK

NOV 13-14, 2019


NOV 27-28, 2019

London, UK

Booth: C40


MAR 08-13, 2020

Frankfurt, Germany

Booth: 8.0-F18

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Koolmesh was born in early 2019 as a branch of Hytronik. Focusing on Bluetooth 5.0 and DALI-2 related products and services, we provide innovative digital lighting control solutions for lighting manufacturers across the UK and EU.


We specialize in encoded software chips and modules to be integrated in fixtures such as drivers, sensors, touch panels, and other receiver nodes. In addition, we provide a comprehensive DALI-2 testing and consulting service, as well as a custom app design package.


Relying on our extensive R&D capabilities, customer-centric design principles, as well as a reliable customer service team, we produce consistent results and allow our customers to polish their brand in the digital IoT era.


Our mission is to become a leading supplier of intelligent digital lighting control devices in a time of growing demand for smart buildings, dedicating ourselves to providing our customers with professional, affordable, timely, and accurate solutions.



Products &


User-friendly, multi-vendor interoperable with a stable, reliable performance.

Service & Maintenance

Comprehensive DALI-2 testing & results analysis. Customer-tailored app design.

App Design & Server

Easily setup, view, and manage your devices all in one place. Available for both iOS & Android.